No more announcement of increment, henceforth when fuel prices increase we’ll also review ours – Commercial drivers


Some frustrated drivers in the Greater Accra Region have pledged to review their prices anytime there is fuel increments in the country.

According to them, they will not wait on the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) to engage with government on the upward adjustment percentage.

Speaking to Accra-based TV3, one driver argued that, Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) don’t give any announcement prior to the increment of fuel, thus, drivers don’t need to alert government about their transport fares as well.

“We wake up and petrol and diesel prices have been increased. Do the operators announce their decision to increase it? So why should we inform government about our decision to increase transport fares?

“Nowadays, we will just make things simple. If we go to the filling stations and fuel prices have increased, we will just increase our fares as well,” one angry driver told the journalist.

This comes after the Concerned Drivers Association increased transport fares for the second time in two weeks.

Drivers on Saturday, October 29, started the implementation of the 19% increment in transport fares. At the time a litre of diesel and petrol was sold at ¢15.99 and ¢13.99.

A litre of diesel now sells at ¢23.49 and petrol sits at ¢17.99.

This has forced drivers to unilaterally increase transport fares again without any consultation with government.

The drivers bemoaned the state of the economy. Describing it as terrible, one driver asked, “Where are we going? Does government want to kill us?”

Considering the impact of skyrocketing prices of fuel on the economy, one driver suggested that government should revamp the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) to prevent the import of expensive fuel.

“Things are really getting out of hand so this move will help to an extent.” Meanwhile, the GPRTU says it will not make any public comment on the matter until a meeting is held.

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