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HAMMERS RADIO is a member of the Ken Hammers Group of Companies and a subsidiary of the Ahafo Television and Radio Limited. It is a commercial radio station broadcasting in the frequency modulation mode on 106.5 MHz. We seek to offer listeners the very best in radio broadcasting, which has been missing for several years in Goaso, Ahafo Region and Ghana in general. In our quest to achieve this feat, we shall strive to be highly innovative, proactive, success-driven, cost effective and profit-oriented. We are a truly Ghanaian Radio station with a true Ghanaian identity and environmentally adaptable to the needs and aspirations of its listener. Hammers Radio 106.5 seeks to continually promote social cohesion and mobilization for the development of our Region. The station seeks to remain politically non-aligned and neutral, to enhance its bid to provide balanced and objective content to listeners. We make the three main pillars of broadcasting our hallmark, which are: Education, Information and Entertainment.


  1. To reduce Ignorance and the illiteracy levels of our listening public from the current unappreciable level to a higher pedestal throughout the operations of the station.


  1. To promote Ahafoman and the people of Ghana, inspiring them to also venture into the world of the unknown.


  1. To promote both commercial and social goods services of our clients and listeners to enable them maximize profit on their businesses.


  1. To organize soul-inspiring programs that will generate both monetary and social image to sustain and maintain us as a profit making enterprise.


  1. As a multi-media group, we may extend our radio broadcast beyond the traditional transmission and launch unto television and social media applications. This will give us ubiquity and international reach, serving all classes of listeners and readers.


We hope to become a multi-media broadcasting organization that provides world-class content to audiences across the globe and to aid in providing a vehicle for change through professionalism and dedication.


We set out to employ the best of human capital and ultra-modern technology to serve our listeners, customers and patrons to ensure the best of returns on our investments, which are profit for our promoters, satisfaction for our clientele base, and equitable remunerations for our staff. To achieve this, we shall be people centered, time conscious and hard working.


Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

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DISTRICT: Asunafo North Municipal Assembly
TOWN: Goaso
SITE: Former AEC-School, (Ayomso Junction)
CONTACT: +233 205525588

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HAMMER RADIO © 2022. All rights reserved.

HAMMER RADIO © 2022. All rights reserved.